Production of Bioethanol from Sugarcane Bagasse Using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Mustapha Gani, Nafi’u Abdulkadir, Sumayya B. Usman, Hauwa’u M. Maiturare, Stephanie Gabriel

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Effects of Sun and Oven Drying Techniques on Quality of Oil Produced from Chlorella vulgaris (Microalgae) Biomass

I. A. Yerima, J. Appah, H. Danlami, M. B. Yerima, F. L. Canada

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Fruit Peel from Astrocaryum aculeatum G. Mey. AS Substrate for Lipases Production by Aspergillus niger A2B1

Nayara Fátima Lazameth Diniz, Rossicléa Gonzaga da Silva, Luciana Aires Oliveira, Waldireny Rocha Caldas, Érica Simplício de Souza, Roberto Figlioulo, Juliana Gomes de Souza Oliveira, João Vicente Braga de Souza

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Production of β-Mannanase by Penicillium italicum Subjected to Different Growth Conditions

O. O. Olaniyi, B. J. Akinyele

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Bacterial Community Profile and Phylogenetic Diversity of Water and Surface Sediments in Iko River Estuary, Akwa Ibom State- Nigeria

O. A. Mmuoegbulam, S. P. Antai, E. B. E. Asikong

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