Sensitivity, Approach and Awareness about Genetically Modified Crops among Undergraduate Students: An Online Survey

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Pravin Sukhadeo Gaikar
Rishikesh Haribhau Autade
Ramesh Madhav Jadhav
Amol Ramesh Savant
Rakeshkumar Sheshrao Choudhary
Ashok Vasantrao Kharde


The Survey-based studies provide the guidelines and feedback for policy makers about adopted and newborn technology. Biotechnology is the new branch of applied science and is emerging as the separate branch of the study in Agriculture (Agri-Biotechnology), Pharmacy (Pharma-Biotech), Environment Science (Environment Biotechnology), medical (Medical Biotechnology) and Industry (Industrial Biotechnology). The products of the biotechnology in many fields have been accepted by human society except Agriculture. After ‘Green Revolution’ the major breakthrough in Agriculture was an introduction of genetically modified crops but also brought controversies with it. There is a tug of war between GM crop supporters and Anti-GM crop organizations which have spread many myths in the society about this neonatal technology. Perception, approach and awareness about genetically modified crops issues among undergraduate students get affected due to ever increasing debate on the ‘Digital and Broadcasting Media’ platforms. To catch these digital techno-savvy young undergraduate student’s perception the web-based online survey was done through predesigned Google form. Total 136 respondents participated in a web-based online survey and the percentage of male and female participants were 48 and 52, respectively. The education branch wise participants in the study were highest for Agri-biotech (26%) and least for Engineering (13%), while for agriculture, pharmacy and agribusiness management the participation percentage was 16, 22 & 23, respectively. This study concluded that the students were affirmative towards the use of technology but receive awareness about the GM crops issue through unreliable source i.e. internet (30%), newspapers (21%) and television (16%). There is need of further continuous self-sustaining and long lasting awareness campaign with the self-motivated support from scientists working on the GM technology.

Genetically modified crops, online survey, awareness, agri-biotechnology, student’s awareness

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Sukhadeo Gaikar, P., Haribhau Autade, R., Madhav Jadhav, R., Ramesh Savant, A., Sheshrao Choudhary, R., & Vasantrao Kharde, A. (2017). Sensitivity, Approach and Awareness about Genetically Modified Crops among Undergraduate Students: An Online Survey. Biotechnology Journal International, 17(4), 1-10.
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