Micropropagation in Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cv. ‘Bhagwa’ through Indirect Organogenesis and Assessment of Genetic Fidelity by RAPD Marker

Prabhuling Guranna, Iranna Hosamani, Raghavendra Sathyanarayana, Rashmi Hegde, Kulapati Hipparagi

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Application of Metagenomic Study for the Detection of Diphtheria Toxin Gene of Corynebacterium diphtheriae in Patients Displaying Symptoms of Pharyngitis in Kaduna State

M. I. Bindawa, M. S. Abdulsalami, Y. O. Abdul Akeem, A. A. Jabbo, M. Bello, A. B. Suleiman

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Effects of Length of Fermentation and Storage Media on Chemical Properties of Palm Oil

T. A. Ayelegun, P. O. Ajewole

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Single Subunit RNA Polymerases: An Insight into their Active Sites and Catalytic Mechanism

P. Palanivelu

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Evaluation of Reproductive Characteristics and Feed Utilization of Two Strains of Heterobranchus bidorsalis (Geoffrey, 1809)

L. U. Onyia, C. Duru, K. G. Michael, S. D. Duwal

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