Dr. Sorial Adly Moharib

He is a professor of biochemistry at the Biotechnology Research Institute - the National Research Center, and a member of some scientific societies and on the editorial board of some international scientific journals. He participated and contributed sufficiently in reviewing and arbitrating several scientific projects and dissertations in various fields, as well as many manuscripts that were published in many journals different global. He has published many of his own researches, alone or with others team works, Also, he made and published many environmental researches on the disposal of solid and liquid waste by microbial conversion of agricultural and industrial waste into many various useful materials or compounds used in feeding and treating humans and animals. in addition to several books in various fields. He also designed and participated in many research projects and supervised several scientific dissertations in various fields of production of some materials, compounds, and enzymes that are used in the treatment of diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, teeth, and some types of cancerous diseases such as colon, kidney and lung cancers. His research interest includes Natural products, Nutrition, anticancer, antioxidants, Antidiabetic, Enzymes, Dietary fiber, and Fermentation.